Le Journal seems like it’s dead. But it’s not. It’s just that Tumblr has been getting the lion share of my attention lately, what with pseudo-maintaining FYSS and reblogging all the shit I’ve been seeing in my dash and you know, sometimes you just got to turn your attention elsewhere.

So anyway, what have I been up to these days?

# Seattle Storm going into the playoffs. I haven’t been posting in sf.org for ages because I’m been mostly hanging out in Twitter (and Tumblr). Anyway, I thought this year was going to be a disaster, what with LJ and her labral tear in the hip. But Sue Effing Bird came up big and dragged her team to finish 2nd place in the West. Seriously, how is she even real?

# A Storm of Swords. I’ve been slogging through the books not because I found them boring (The Red Wedding certainly is not boring. Also, damn it, GRRM), but because I had to take a break from time to time so I won’t get too invested in a character (because they’ll eventually die at some point in the series anyway).

# Went back to the Motherland during Summer Break. Love love love that we have a summer break (夏休み) in the company and love love love the fact that it’s a week earlier than the Obon (お盆休み) which means we get lower plane fares because it’s not the peak season yet. Anyway, so I shot some photos for my friend’s wedding. Holed up in the hotel for the entire time I spent in Cebu and watched almost the entire season of Australia’s Master Chef 2 and totally forgot about gallivanting around the city. So much for my vacation. I managed to gorge myself on lechon though. So I guess that made up for the lack of photos.

# Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles and The Lost Hero. They’re books on mythology. For kids, granted. But I like mythology and I like reading about them, especially if it’s YA. I love YA. Well, granted it is not Harry Potter and Riordan is now Rowling, but I enjoyed the books just the same. They’re perfect as distraction from the A Song of Ice and Fire Series.

# Warehouse 13. Eureka. Suits. And a host of TV shows out there that exist mainly just to relieve me of my boredom.

# Packing my stuff and trying to plan everything out so I can get out of this place as peacefully as possible. Gets on my nerves sometimes though.