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I blame my location and lack of coverage of Gonzaga games. Also work coz it devours time. And the frakking Tohoku Earthquake for throwing our lives in disarray when I could have focused on basketball. Okay, just for throwing our lives in disarray and wiping out cities and killing thousands and causing rolling blackouts and nuclear cores melting and radioactive isotopes escaping into every-fucking-where, never mind the fact that I couldn’t watch my basketball games. People have lost everything and some people are still risking their lives to solve the whole nuke thing and babies are seriously not allowed to drink Tokyo tap water because radioactive particles were found in the filtering plant and ugh, I know it’s been all said and done but when is this ever going to stop?

So anyway, to distract myself from the daily worries (it quaked again earlier, epicenter was at Fukushima, M6.4), I should have found out about Courtney Vandersloot earlier and probably have waxed poetic about her point guarding skills more than what’s necessary. You know, because my fave player on earth is still Sue ‘D!e B!tchez’ Bird and we all know that girl is in a league of her own when it came to being a point guard. Vandersloot’s draft stock had been upped since the Zags won the WCC Tourney and she set a record or something (2000 pts 1000 asts in all of NCAA Ball and most assists in a single season, I think). Will she be an early pick? I hope so. And I also hope that someone from the Western Conference drafts her — I gotta watch her play against the best of the best and, sorry you guys, coz I’m always wearing Storm goggles, that would be Birdy.


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Fortunately for me I didn’t create my bracket at the start of the tourney (because of everything else that was happening here in Japan). If I did, I would have been dazed the whole day coz I scored an amazing 0 for 2 today. LOL. I picked the Lady Vols in Dayton because, really, if Simmons got it together, there was a chance, right? But she choked, the poor kid. And Skylar Diggins and Notre Dame was on a freaking mission so bracket broken there. And then, of course, Stanford just had to be awesome, right? With Pohlen finding her shot and the Ogwumike sisters doing just about anything right, Courtney Vandersloot couldn’t beat the Cardinal without her teammates, and so the Zags lost. Bracket fail again.

Ugh. I hope I get the last two later. Or at least the Philly Region. Coz if my pick in the Philly Region loses, Imma boycott the rest of the Final Four LOL.