30 Days of Skins Meme : Day 10

Day 10 – Your favourite series 4 episode

Aww man, this the first time I actually can’t choose. Is it going to be 4×02 Emily — where this screencap was from?

(They look so happy btw. If only Emily knew what Naomi had done. Tsk.)


Or is it going to be 4×04 Katie where Katie Fucking Fitch surfaces?

After thinking about this for two days — I was distracted from posting last night by that powerful video of Minami-Sanrinku in Miyagi Prefecture getting swallowed by a tsunami of debris and buildings with water — I still cannot decide so I’ll just cheat (yes, just like whatever Naomi did in that was exposed in 4×02) and declare that 4×02 Emily and 4×04 Katie are my co-favourite-series 4-episode. They’re twins anyway, they should go together haha.

30 Days of Skins Meme : Day 2

Favourite G2 character is:

Oh, of course.

Emily Fitch.

“Be brave and want me back.”

Younger twin, often being overshadowed by sister Katie.

“[The] hugeness of Emily’s love makes her unique in Skins world and those kinds of people are scary to be in relationships” – Ed Hime, Skins Writer

More about Emily here.

*  *  *

I was tempted to put in Naomi, too, and probably Katie Fucking Fitch because her character was awesomely written in Series 4 but that’s cheating lol.

*  *  *

No, I’m not going to discuss how UConn lost to Notre Dame in the Final Four. Still stings.