Unstoppable Dawgs

1201503535.jpgThe No.1 ranked Huskies let No. 16 Notre Dame hang around the first few minutes of the game and make defensive gimmicks on Maya Moore before UConn’s other weapons were used. Moore scored the first 15 points — 4 for 4 beyond the arc with a 4-point play thrown in (ah, the abundance of my favorite number). The Fighting Irish adjusted their defense and Maya didn’t score after that.

Enter Tina Charles who showed she can dominate with 22 monster points and 8 boards. Later in the game, Renee Montgomery came alive until the 12-minute mark and scored the first of her 12 second-half (and game) points, including the dagger three that snuffed any hope for the Fighting Irish.

But Ketia Swanier trumped everyone else as she kept the offense going and she glued the Huskies together with 11 assists, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals in 32 minutes of play.

UConn won the game 81-64 and is now 19-0 over-all (6-0 Big East).

Up next: South Florida, January 30, 7PM EST

Para Namang May Maitatago Pa Ko Sa Yo

Once during the past few days I got reminded of the pinkie finger pact. I think it was last Saturday at Jollibee, when TJ and I were about to leave and you went out with us. Or was it the other night when we were walking along the familiar and memorized mazes of SM North? Pardon the short term memory loss. It’s a real pain in the neck. I’d probably go crazy a week before the board exams and I’ll lose all the formulas that I worked hard to memorize.

Anyway, getting back to the topic — the pinkie finger pacts. When did they first happen? My senior year — your junior year in high school? I’ve been doing something weird back then. Something to escape all the horrors and the pain brought about by another weird thing that was going on during that time. You know about that, right? And the other night you jokingly threw at me one of the most memorable hirits (memorable? di ko nga maalala eh) I told you before. You told me that it was when you were in deep shit with this other person before and you said that you were already over that person. You told me that I scoffed and said, “hah…para namang may maitatago ka sa kin…“. Neto lang, you threw that line back at me. And it had me thinking, oo nga naman… I realized that well, maybe, whatever it is that’s going on with me, I can’t really hide anything from you. It’s been our tradition, I guess. So whatever it is, you’d know and see through the well-masked and complicated alibis.

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