My God She's Only A Freshman!

Last night I finally had the chance to peek over at UConnPhil’s videos. I was watching the highlights from recent UConn games and I finally got to see what the fuss over Maya Moore is all about. She literally defies awesome, man. The moves, the jumpshots, the rebounds, the whatever-else’s — all smooth and beautiful. Auriemma did a very good job in snagging her — despite the whole recruitment thing being enmeshed in that messy hullabaloo with Tennessee.

Anyway, Atlanta JC wrote about their favorite Georgia daughter Moore in this article. Maya Moore is definitely better than advertised.

The two-time national player of the year at Collins Hill is all New England’s now. A new Mayan culture is springing up around the 6-foot bundle of smooth. Granted, these people up here sure do talk funny, and they live part time in a meat locker, but they also take their women’s basketball seriously. It is a terrific place to build a legend, conveniently close to the myth-makers of New York City.

Somehow, Diana Taurasi comes to mind. But what the hell, for all we know she may even be better than Taurasi.

2 thoughts on “My God She's Only A Freshman!

  1. This young lady Maya Moore is awesome, I have recorded her games since High School and she was bad (bad meaning good) then as well you should watche her play.

  2. heya, bigpops. i only catch game highlights from time to time and i could see how well she plays the game. way more than awesome actually. she’s the real deal.

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