People change.

Some of them mature over time, some grow more childish.

Some reorder their priorities, others get a brand new set.

Some people grow stronger, others get weaker as time passes by.

Some people get harder and more jaded, but there are those who finally get their chance to feel.

People change.

Some of them may be towards one direction, while others trudge towards another.

But still, people change.

And so do I.


Took me this long to realize that I did change. I no longer get panicked over basketball news. I missed the Final Four — heck, even the Final Game. UConn won, btw. Geno won awards. Maya Moore swept this year’s POY awards. Tina Charles brought it on big time during the whole NCAA Tourney. I just knew all that from reading the recaps and not by listening to the game (which I did all the time these past few years). Sadly, I wasn’t that mad about March Madness anymore.

The Storm drafted Cal’s Ashley Walker. If she’s Camille Little 2.0, then I’m all up for it. The Storm needs a heck lot of front court talent IF LJ doesn’t sign with us and goes over to Phoenix instead. But anyway, I ain’t losing sleep over that. I’m not even that much excited about the opening in May. :p Let’s just wait and see what’ll happen once the season is underway, though. I might get my enthusiasm back.

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