Not So Pleasant News

The Houston Comets — winner of four WNBA trophies and one of the eight original franchises in the league — is no more.

Fans discuss and lament. This almost happened to my team a year ago. Thank God these women exist or else the Storm would have been dead (or stuck in Oklahoma where Kevin Durant and the rest of the Sonics are now). So, thank you, Force 10 Hoops.

PS — Aaww, I thought I forgot the sting of losing in the first round.

2 thoughts on “Not So Pleasant News

  1. This is terrible. The Comets have been struggling lately with attendance, winning games and stuff but they were the premier franchise of the league.

    I hate to say it, but no team is safe. I’m so grateful that Force10 bought the Storm but at the same time the economic woes are worrying me as to how long they can keep absorbing economic losses with the team.

  2. Man…that’s huge. Will Tina retire now?

    Sucks for Houston, the Western Conference, and the WNBA. Next season will be weird without them.

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