It'll Come

I say love will come to you
hoping just because I spoke the words that they’re true
as if I offered up a crystal ball to look through
where there’s now one there will be two.

Love Will Come To You
Indigo Girls

*** ***

For all my friends who are currently nyor-nyor-ing about life, love (and the lack of it), being alone, and other shit like that. It’s just S.A.D. It’ll pass, guys, it’ll pass.

「Mt. Takao、EThey Come in Two’s by kilcher

7 thoughts on “It'll Come

  1. awww… love that song lalo na nung kinanta yan ni cynthia alexander sa conspiracy 😀

    and yeah, it’ll come 🙂

    halatang inlab at masaya si kilcher 😀 masaya ako para sayo 🙂

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