Lies Lies Lies

There’s a difference between not saying anything about something and saying something that totally deviates from the truth.

But in the end, they are almost the same.

And it all boils down to trust, and telling and handling the truth, and the merits and demerits of lying (white lies and whatever else), and how much you should tell the other party anyway — coz there’s also that thing where you should keep some or leave some for yourself. Where oh where should you draw the frikkin’ line?

Yes, there’s certainly a difference between keeping something to yourself and totally lying about something (huge or minute – it doesn’t really matter, to me, at least). Maybe you do it for a certain reason, maybe you do you just for fun, maybe you do it just because you don’t have anything else to do and you’re bored to death. Whatever. Everything happens for a reason however whacked that reason may be.

So anyway, they’re different. But in the end, they’re just the same, almost the same.

8 thoughts on “Lies Lies Lies

  1. May difference!

    not saying anything about something = keeping quiet
    saying something that totally deviates from the truth = lying

  2. both instances hide the truth. so for me, i don’t see much difference between them.

  3. kilcher: missyosigirl: yoooooon, you got it. 😀

    me difference, dun sa keeping quiet, me chance din naman na di ka lang kasi nagtanong.. hehe
    pano kung di lang din niya alam na me gusto lang malaman.

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