30 Days of Skins Meme : Day 13

Day 13 – Your favourite quote from G2

Aaaaargh, Gen 2 Quotes. How frakking hard is this? Man, I can’t pick one. Let’s just list them down, shall we?

“I know you Naomi, you’re lonely you need someone to want you. Well I do want you. So be brave and want me back.”


Emily: I can just see it now in lights – ‘Naomi – get to know me’.

Naomi: I thought it was quite catchy.

Emily: Yeah well, so is AIDS.


Emily on Naomi: Still holding hands through a cat flap aren’t we?


Emily: (Referring to Effy) Hey Freddy, have you talked to her yet?
Freddy: Who?
Emily: The Empress Cleopatra! Who the f__ do you think?


Katie: I’m Katie f__ing Fitch, who the f___ are you?!”


There are probably more that I either just cannot put here (heehee) or I really just forgot about them. Might put some more in the list when I remember them.

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