5×01: Frankie

Bullets for Bitches


The first episode of Series 5 and also Gen 3 of Skins is all about Frankie Fitzgerald. Apparently she’s that token Skins character that you can’t just put in a box (I know, I know, all Skins characters rock, even Freddy whom I don’t really like but eh whatever).

So Frankie’s like dressed in an unorthodox way, has two gay dads (who actually were shown — up yours, Glee, you never showed Rachel Berry’s dads), doesn’t wear makeup, and is just weird enough to make you invest in her character and not turn you off or whatever.

After months of grieving over the end (and the preposterousness) of Series 4 and the end of Gen 2 as well, I’m finally back to being giddy about the very pretty cinematography and shots and ooooh the colors that are so characteristic of every Skins episode!  Frankie’s episode made me always go 😮 and 😀 about every frakking shot that I almost could not choose which scene I’d post in this self-imposed meme. I finally narrowed it down to two sequential shots:


Love love love the slightly greenish/purplish overlay or exclusion layer or whatever that is that the Skins DOP did.

Plus, you know, the map? Yeah, it’s awesome. Not everyone has iPhones or has access to Google Maps, you know. And yeah, take note that if she intertwines her fingers, the letters on the tips will spell her name. You kill me with the details, Skins, really.

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