fisheye roll 001

Some people think that they’ll never move away
until they do and then they’re not there anymore.
Some people always think they’ll stay just the same
until they don’t and then they’re not anymore.



I’m one of those people who don’t take moving very lightly, even if it’s just across the city and I have but a roomful of pretty useless stuff to either pack and/or throw away. It’s not just a matter of logistics and the physical effort needed to prepare and sort through the stuff and box everything up and take care of address changes for my alien reg card and postpone practically every delivery from amazon until I get to the new place and — oh crap I still have to cancel my internet subscription — settle my ass down and contemplate on getting myself acquainted to the new environment. It’s the fact that it’s not really my choice and that I’m certainly going to really miss this place and the neighborhood that really bum the heck out of  me.

But there’s nothing else that can be done and there are no more words left to say — except my endless whining — so, yeah, whatever, fine, it’s inevitable anyway.

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