Mother Nature is Crazy


It hasn’t been that long since the temperature around here was in the 30’s and we were sweating non-stop if we even dared go out of the door for more than a minute. Summer was such a pain and really it was one of the worst times of the year for me (Winter sucks too but hey at least we have snowboarding during that season so all’s well for me) that I always wanted the months of June, July, August, and part of September to just go zoom by and be gone already.

Now usually by this time, we (and by that, I mean, I) will be eagerly anticipating the awesome Autumn weather and go crazy with the roaming around everywhere to snap photos of every yellow, red, orange leaves that dare present themselves in my line of sight. It’s supposed to be just around 18°C cold. Well, up to three days ago, it was. But now it’s down to around 8°C~12°C. Dang. What gives, Mother Nature? Did you forget Autumn and decided to just jump straight ahead to Winter? Did you just skip my favorite season this year? Grrr. I hate you.

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