Concert Line-up

First of all, I would just like to shriek first and release all this fan-girling energy before I go crazy.


No date yet and I can’t remember the Japanese site that Benson sent me but WHATEVER!

For the meantime, here’s a video of Sara performing in the Chicago Hard Rock Cafe last year:



Okay, before I go get myself LSS~ing on King of Anything and Let the Rain and One Sweet Love and Gravity and City Lights again, I probably should get myself ready for the following first:

3/30 – KT Tunstall @ Shibuya. Gad, I hope my 1-day leave gets approved already.

5/16 – Maroon 5 @ Nippon Budokan.

Can’t wait!


ETA the page where the news came from:

サラ・バレリス 初来日公演が決定!





サラ・バレリス Sony Music Official Site

Source:  <UDO> Artists, Inc. ニュース

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipschitz.

Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipschitz. Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipschitz. Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipschitz. Pop. Six. Squish. Uh-Uh. Cicero. Lipschitz.

So, I said to him, I said, “You pop that gum one more time…” and he did. So I took the shotgun off the wall and I fired two warning shots…into his head.

He told me he was single and we hit it off right away. So, we started living together. He’d go to work, he’d come home, I’d fix him a drink, We’d have dinner. And then I found out, “Single” he told me? Single, my ass. Not only was he married … oh, no, he had six wives.

He was crazy and he kept screamin’, “you been screwin the milkman.”Then he ran into my knife, he ran into my knife ten times.

UH UH, not guilty!

I come back, open the door, and there’s Veronica and Charlie doing Number Seventeen the spread eagle.

But he was always trying to find himself. He’d go out every night looking for himself and on the way he found Ruth, Gladys, Rosemary and Irving.

– Cell Block Tango, Chicago

Just remembered the awesomeness that is the Cell Block Tango from Chicago (the movie, since there’s really no way for me to watch the show on Broadway as of the moment). Fantastic dance moves, awesome song, I bet this is all sorts of awesome on stage.

It’s A Quarter After One

It’s a Country morning, y’all. A gloomy Tuesday morning playlist that’s a byproduct of watching Glee after a long while that it hasn’t been on.

1. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
2. Come On Get Higher – Originally by Matt Nathanson, covered by Sugarland
3. Stay – Sugarland
4. Wide Open Spaces – Dixie Chicks
5. Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks
6. Not Ready To Make Nice – Dixie Chicks
7. Can’t Fight The Moonlight – LeAnn Rimes

Not much of a Country person in terms of music so this might be limited.


Must you seize my world by storm
Have me dangle on a wind
Weave a heady cloud on a
Silent string of pearls – { Daisy Chain }


Cynthia Alexander writes awesome lyrics. Le sigh.


Image Source: [ Link ]

We Are Sex Bob-omb!

We are sex bob-omb and we are here to make you think about death and be sad and stuff!

The Scott Pilgrim movie is so frakking A! Awesome prods and awesome storytelling and awesome soundtrack. What more can you ask for?

Personal fave was the Metric song done by The Clash at Demonhead:

Now considering buying all the comics but I don’t think I’ll manage with more paper copies of any books or anything just yet. Ugh.

Also because I won’t probably be able to read and/or concentrate from here onwards because of … you know … stupid fcuking stuff that just wants to get in the fcuking way of … you know … stuff.

Alien Like You

I know that believing is hard with the feeling that home must be millions and millions of light years away

{ Sebastian Pigott | Alien Like You }


Found the song above while doing a marathon of Being Erica. The show is about 32-year-old Erica Strange who got fired from her job as a CSR because she was overqualified. Things sucked so bad for her during the day that she got fired that she began seeing a therapist to deal with regrets in her past. Her therapist, however, has very unconventional methods — including the ability to send her back in time and into the future and several parallel universes to relive those regrets and even change them.

Hey Soul Sister

You see, I can be myself now finally,
In fact there’s nothing I can’t be
I want the world to see you be with me


Blame Glee for this. The Warblers were amazing. They should have won over ND.  Wasn’t bowled over by TTOML and Valerie kept reminding me that Winehouse’s version is way better. Brittany and Mike Chang’s moves, however, were awesome.

Reminiscing via Imago

Sick and tired of taking the mellow
beating of the stupid games we play.
We run around but I’m done needing this hurt
I’ve stayed too long but I’m taking you with me
You’re too beautiful to be seen here

No harm done, you’re under repair.
No harm done, you’re under repair.
No harm done, you’re under repair.


Bakit mahirap
Sumabay sa agos
Ng iyong mundo

Simple lang naman sana
Ang buhay
Kung ika’y matino

Sabihin sa akin lahat ng lihim mo
Iingatan ko
Ibaling sa akin ang problema mo
Kakayanin ko

Pikit mata
Kong iaalay
Ang buwan at araw
Pati pa sapatos kong suot

Simple lang naman sana
Ang buhay
Kung ika’y lumayo

Kay tagal kong sinusuyod
Ang buong mundo
Para hanapin,
Para hanapin ka

Nilibot ang distrito
Ng iyong lumbay
Pupulutin, pupulutin ka


Hindi mo na ko kelangang tanungin. Para sa iyo lahat yan.