Mother Nature is Crazy


It hasn’t been that long since the temperature around here was in the 30’s and we were sweating non-stop if we even dared go out of the door for more than a minute. Summer was such a pain and really it was one of the worst times of the year for me (Winter sucks too but hey at least we have snowboarding during that season so all’s well for me) that I always wanted the months of June, July, August, and part of September to just go zoom by and be gone already.

Now usually by this time, we (and by that, I mean, I) will be eagerly anticipating the awesome Autumn weather and go crazy with the roaming around everywhere to snap photos of every yellow, red, orange leaves that dare present themselves in my line of sight. It’s supposed to be just around 18°C cold. Well, up to three days ago, it was. But now it’s down to around 8°C~12°C. Dang. What gives, Mother Nature? Did you forget Autumn and decided to just jump straight ahead to Winter? Did you just skip my favorite season this year? Grrr. I hate you.

Autumn is Nearing

So, it’s finally the tail-end of my much-awaited three-day weekend. I actually didn’t know earlier what the heck they are celebrating here today — I dunno, probably the fact that I can rest?

Anyway, because I didn’t know, I went to Google and found out that it’s actually Respect for the Aged Day today. Yay to the grannies and gramps and all you old people out there! Muchas gracias because I really need this rest. Like, really. We also don’t have to go to work on Thursday because voila! it’s autumn already and I’m just glad this hellish summer will finally be over.

The WNBA season is over — what am I going to do now? Oh, I know there’s still the FIBA Worlds but after that, what then?

(And here I am with my ever-present dilemma: US or Australia? Go Birdy or Go LJ?)

I’ve been listening to Sara Bareilles’ Kaleidoscope Heart album since the week that it came out. I’m still not sick of it. It must be that good. Or maybe I just love how she composes her lyrics so much.

I haven’t picked up my camera in ages! I’m not even done processing the last few locations of my Cambodia trip (Ta Phrom & Banteay Srei) when I got sidetracked by this overwhelming need to just lie down on the bed and stare at the ceiling. Lethargy rocks and sucks at the same time.

Finally found a clean-enough theme to use for this blog. And also got the Livejournal cross-post thing to work again. But I hardly ever open my LJ anyway so I’m not really sure why I have to copy my stuff over there.


My First Live Soccer Match

I know right? Whatta loser. But whatever, so here’s the animoto vid that documents the first time me and my friends went storming to the Nissan Stadium in Shin-Yokohama to watch a friendly match between the Samurai Blue (Japan National Team) and the Where’s Wally Team, err, Guaraníes, La Albirroja (Paraguay National Team).

☁ETulio (4), Hasebe (17), and S. Nakamura (10) weren’t there. I knew Nakamura retired after the 2010 World Cup but I have no idea why Tulio and Hasebe weren’t there.

It's Still Winter

Ume no Kouen

I was hoping to see the whole Ume no Kouen (Plum Flower Park) in Yoshi-no-Baigou, Ome, covered in pinks and whites. Alas, this was the scene that greeted me.


But anyway, if the weather is great and my lethargy decides to take a break next Sunday, I *might* just go back there to finally shoot me some ume blossoms — probs more blossoms that I will ever handle, unlike the one below:

Ume no Kouen


On to other things:

* Torah Bright got the gold in the Women’s Halfpipe competition in the OGs. It was brilliant! Too bad neither 2006 Gold Medalist Hannah Teter nor 2002 Gold Medalist Kelly Clark could top her technical stunts. They, however, shared the podium with her as Teter got the silver, and Clark (who was so amusing with her karaoke~ing before her runs) got the bronze.

* Shaun White is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

* The Storm will have an exhibition game with Phoenix on May 2 at Key Arena. Can’t wait!

Bah Humbug 2009

I just realized it’s only a matter of — OH MY GOD — 2 days before Christmas and what the heck we still have work til the 26th (yes, they don’t celebrate Christmas here, but whatever, we’ve known that since the beginning of time so let’s move on, get it over and done with)!

So anyway, here’s my version of the Grinchy Kilcher for 2009. I managed to add some sort of festiveness (if there is even such a word) by donning on my favorite hat (of the moment) — Meemax‘s gift jester hat from Veeeeeghuzzzz.

DSC_0019 copy


From last year: